Thursday, October 20, 2011

India - The land of MLM Scams

MLM Scams have been on rise and rise in India and people fail to protect their hard earned money.
Today we write about the Top Indian Scams or Top Indian MLM Scams.

1. SpeakAsia Online ----------------------- Rs. 2200 Crore Scam
2. RMP Infotec ---------------------------- Rs. 2000 Crore Scam
3. Stockguru India --------------------------Rs. 1000 Crore Scam
4. AISE Capital - Abhay Gandhi ------------Rs. 400 Crore Scam
5. RAM Survey ------------------------ ----Rs. 600 Crore Scam
6. Imtsons Investors -------------------------Rs. 100 Crore Scam
7. Shraddha Saburi Consultants    ------------Rs. 7 crore Scam

Will keep updating all the proof of the scams soon. Please keep visiting the blog.